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Image by Noah Kroes


Trace Design Studio was established in 2012 in Miami, Florida by Renata Lessa-Bastos. The practice is committed to creating homes that not only provide exceptional beauty and comfort, but that also support the well-being of our clients and each member of the household. 
This design approach focuses on the needs of each individual, getting an understanding of lifestyle and daily routines, as well as learning the intonations of your personal style to integrate into the unique design of your ideal home. 

Our projects merge a modern and minimalistic approach to design with an organic sensibility inspired by the natural world.  We infuse our projects with meaningful artifacts that reflect our client's cultural and aesthetic values so it becomes a representation of their own definition of 'home'. 
We design luxury home interiors for wellness.
  • The Bath Club, Miami Beach

  • Star Island, Miami Beach

  • Turnberry Ocean Colony, Sunny Isles

  • Cocoplum, Coral Gables

  • Belle Meade, Miami

  • Belle Isle, Miami Beach

  • The Estates at Acqualina, Sunny Isles

  • Fischer Island, Miami Beach

  • Old Fort Bay, Nassau

  • Presidential Estates, Aventura

  • Hunting Valley, Cleveland

  • Gávea, Rio de Janeiro

  • Key Biscayne, Miami

  • North Bay Road, Miami Beach

  • Mansions at Acqualina, Sunny Isles

  • The Setai Residences, Miami Beach

  • The Icon, Brickell

  • Italian Village, Coral Gables

Light and Shadow

Good design can help us heal, connect us back to ourselves, the natural environment and one another. 


We design to improve our clients' quality of life and to create homes that support your  well-being.


Designers have a responsibility and opportunity to not only make the world more beautiful, but also to make it better.


Through each design choice we can help make the world: 

More fair.

More inclusive.

More sustainable.


Although the world has many problems, design also has to create joy - not because we do not see the hardships, but precisely because we do.


So good design should also make your world more beautiful, more comfortable, and perhaps, even a bit more magical.

Meet Renata

For 15+ years Renata has been designing luxury residential interiors in South Florida. She believes in the power of design to create a sense of harmony, beauty and wellness for her clients and their families.


She designs homes that reflect the client's sense of identity and responds to their needs by incorporating principles of sustainable design and environmental psychology.

Renata is continuously developing meaningful ways to engage with design and objects to bring these insights to her projects.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she has spent her formative years in South Florida. When she's not designing, she is researching art and design history. 


Renata holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and a Masters in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology from the University of Barcelona. 

photo credit:​ Gabriela Ojeda

Renata Lessa Bastos headshot photograph by Gaby Ojeda
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